We Never Compromise
on Safety

Safety is Ingrained in our Culture.

QE maintains a real-time safety program and continuously implements new cutting-edge safety measures. Employee involvement is key to our success, and we prioritize on-going safety training programs throughout the year. QE’s management team works alongside field personnel to create specialized safety policies and procedures for our diverse industry, and employees are trained to recognize safety concerns, issues and/ or potential hazards. QE works diligently to reduce and eliminate exposure to employees, subcontractors, and the public.

Safety Training Jobsite Inspections Best Equipment Continued Education Our Safety Team

Safety Training

Amidst ever evolving safety practices, QE ensures that our team is properly trained on best practices and safety regulations to keep our job sites safe. Our training includes:

 Robust New Hire Training

 Safety Workshops

 Ongoing Safety Training

Jobsite Inspections

Maintaining job site safety is a priority. It’s critical to ensure that safety procedures are being followed and properly implemented throughout the company. Jobsite safety includes, but is not limited to:

 Routine Daily & Weekly Safety Inspections

 Ensure Safety Compliance through Clear Communication

 Empower Personnel to Identify and Mitigate Safety Risks

Best Equipment

Equipment safety is essential for project success. Maintaining our equipment is important to ensure the safety and security of our sites. We continually:

 Perform Routine Equipment Maintenance

 Perform Pre & Post Trip Inspections

 Utilize CAT Personnel Detection to Improve Operator Safety

Continued Education

QE realizes that a safe job site comes from equipping our employees with current certifications and training. Through continued education, our team is constantly enhancing our safety program. Continued education includes, but is not limited to:

 Field Requested Quarterly Safety Sessions

 Industry Standard Certifications

 Routine Company-Wide Safety Meetings

Our Safety Consultant

I've been working with Quality Enterprises to help maintain safety.

David Kelley, Safe Site Consulting

"During my time as QE’s safety consultant, I have met most of the employees I have met most all of the employees through safety training courses and safety inspections at each project. Workers have learned to make safety a part of their daily tasks. Safety and production work together. I am very impressed with the overall involvement from management to labor in the field. QE is dedicated to doing the right thing. The presentation of the company work trucks, equipment, project safety, and concern for public and employee safety has been outstanding. QE continues to make improvements to better their company safety program. I am pleased and proud to be a member of their team."

Our Safety Team

Ensuring that our employees are trained in job site specific safety procedures is one or main priorities. Regardless of one’s position or the equipment that they operate, QE is adamant about all team members working cohesively. We constantly train our people to identify safety concerns, issues, and/or potential hazards in the field. Our team works together with clients and contractors alike to ensure that we all return home safely.

Always prepare and prevent, that is the key, to be proactive! We never view our knowledge as complete and continuously look for opportunities to deepen our understanding and skills not only for our management team but for all our employees.

Margarita Negron, Manager of Safety & HR of Quality Enterprises

David Kelley

Safe Site Consulting

Mr. Kelley provides safety consulting and training to personnel at all job sites. He completes weekly site safety reviews to ensure that crews utilize proper safety equipment and procedures. He ensures that our employees are up to date with all safety regulations by facilitating monthly classes on a variety of items, such as overhead power lines, manholes, and ladder safety.

Margarita Negron

Manager of Safety & HR

Margarita Negron has 20+ years of construction industry experience. Mrs. Negron enforces compliance with government regulations, acts, and standards. She sets and reviews health and safety guidelines in order to minimize accidents and injuries.

Isa Carreras

Project Administrator / EEO Officer

Isa Carreras facilitates all EEO compliance and training for QE personnel. She also assists with continued safety education for construction crews by overseeing the weekly toolbox talks, and is responsible for submitting project permits and revisions.

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