Building Quality Infrastructure Since 1969

We’ve been a full-service national contractor for over 55 years.

Our company started as a family business, focused solely on gas station electrical work. We never expected our future generations to live on the legacy of QE; however, decades later, a fresh set of eyes are looking to expand the company’s capabilities, technology, and geographic reach. With a wide range of services from utilities to road construction, bridges, and airfields, QE’s team maintains a high level of expertise. Ranging from small local projects to larger, more complex Design-Builds to improve critical infrastructure, QE approaches every project as an opportunity for growth.

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Our Mission

We build Quality infrastructure to provide Quality lives for our families, customers, and community.

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We Live by Our Values


Stay curious.

Always question what’s next. There are limitless opportunities and improvements to make if we’re proactive and take advantage of them. We’re unafraid of change and innovation because we know that it’s the only way to ensure long-term success.


Find a way.

No matter the problem, there is always a solution. Not only do we solve our own problems, but we seek to solve the problems that our customers face too. We take pride in delivering the best possible services for our customers.


Strive to win.

To us, winning is more about beating our own records and goals than defeating others. A competitive spirit is good, and we win by performing extraordinary projects, supporting our people, and by improving our communities.


Work hard and smart.

Quality work starts at the foundation. We keep our equipment and trucks spotless, clean our job sites daily, and build exceptional infrastructure. While we do our best to work smart and to provide creative solutions for our customers, it will never replace hard work.


Dedicated to our community.

We invest in our projects and are committed to using local resources. When times get tough, we are there to help. In the event of a natural disaster, we are the first ones in to rebuild. Our customers choose us because they know our Quality work.


We're all family.

We are one team and will always maintain that “small firm feel” as the company continues to grow and expand. We choose to celebrate our people and take care of one another just as we take care of our families.

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Our Leadership

QE’s management team is efficiently structured and is focused on strong communication, coordination, and decision making. With a multi-generational leadership team equipped with cutting-edge technology, QE is paving the way for the future of infrastructure.

QE is committed to providing the resources and expertise of a large company, while not sacrificing the personal feel and attention to detail offered by a small firm.

There is always a solution. No is not an option—it's just a matter of figuring it out.

Howard Murrell, Jr. , President of Quality Enterprises

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Howard & Betty Murrell


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Howard J. Murrell Jr.


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Louis J. Gaudio

Vice President

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Allison B. Murrell

Chief Information Officer

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Eileen Littleton

Senior Advisor

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Leslie Varela


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Rachel S. Murrell

Director of Risk Management

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Howard J. Murrell III

Construction Technology Manager

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Dewey Noble

Chief Estimator

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